Waller 1480 Catamaran The 1480 sailing. Note this this one has a non standard masthead rig, as the owner wanted to use the mast from his existing monohull.
Waller 1480 Catamaran 1480 sailing again - stern quarter view

This is a big, powerful and strongly built vessel capable of carrying a family across any ocean in the World, in any weather conditions. On her maiden voyage from Bali to Townsville (Australia) she sailed through hurricane force winds and seas without the slightest damage.
Waller 1480 Catamaran A good view of the 1480 sailing comfortably to windward. This pic was taken somewhere in SE Asia.  Note again the non standard rig, which has a shorter main sail and mast than the standard rig. Despite this she is a fast and powerful cat.
Waller 1480 Catamaran 1480 at mooring in BaliThis boat is clearly set up up for a family living aboard.
Waller 1480 Catamaran 1480 moored in Mooloolaba, Australia after having sailed through hurricane force winds. Bridle between hulls is non standard, and was used to accomodate an existing mast from owners previous vessel.
Waller 1480 Catamaran This is a very 'big' 48 ft cat. Note the squared foredeck beam, which is non standard. Normally the beam is rounded off at the front side.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Mooloolaba again
Waller 1480 Catamaran Wide side decks allow for clear and easy working of the vessel. Flat cabin top and steps make working the mast a breeze.

The central steering cuddy gives excellent vision all around for the helmsman.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Helmsmans raised position is very sheltered and very comfortable. That platform has a massive ice box / freezer inside it.  The steps allow instant access to the cabin top and mast.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Foredeck area is huge. Even room for a dugout canoe.
Waller 1480 Catamaran The view from the helmsmans doghouse is superb
Waller 1480 Catamaran 'Paktiya' getting close to completion. This vessel was built single handed by a builder with no previous boat building experience.
Waller 1480 Catamaran 'Paktiya' again. This boat is a beautiful example of quality workmanship by an amateur builder.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Construction is cedar strip plank for the hulls. The shell is constructed in two halves, each forming half of the bridgedeck plus one hull..
Waller 1480 Catamaran Half the boat turned and ready to join. This one (Raptor again) was built by traditional boat builders n Bali
Waller 1480 Catamaran Construction of the interior and topsides well under way - view of the helm and cockpit area.
Waller 1480 Catamaran View of the main saloon looking to starboard
Waller 1480 Catamaran Main saloon looking to port  Note that at this stage the saloon floor has carpet laid.
Waller 1480 Catamaran The carpet floor was later replaced with this magnificent laid floor. The point is that this being a large, medium displacement vessel, it has the capacity to carry the extra weight, something which cannot be fairly said of lighter displacement cats.

The cabin behind the TV shelf is W.C / Shower area. Each is in a seperate compartment, allowing each to be used seperately.
Waller 1480 Catamaran View of Galley. Enormous amount of room and wide, functional benches.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Galley again, looking from the forward cabin aft
Waller 1480 Catamaran Full size double berth in the starboard forecabin

There is sufficient room here to turn the berth transversely if desired.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Starboard forecabin looking aft from seperate WC compartment in the bows.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Aft cabin looking forward from berth There is room in the aft cabins for a desk etc.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Aft cabin looking in from galley area
Waller 1480 Catamaran The main WC area, with seperate shower cubicle behind. The Toilet is out of sight opposite the vanity and basin to the left. WC and shower are interconnecting and have seperate entrances, so can both be used at once.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Neat and tidy chart table. This is not the standard location of the chart table, and normally a wet gear compartment / W.C. would go here - shows that you can always modify small things to your own taste.
Waller 1480 Catamaran Large and very dry and sheltered cockpit wraps around the helmsmans raised position. Excellent position for shelter even in the worst of weather.

Mike Waller Yacht Design is a business specialising in boat plans for amateur boat builders. We provide stock plans for both monohulls and multihulls, mainly catamarans. Other designs are sailing skiffs and sharpies, as well as power catamarans. Our designs mainly feature timber construction, in plywood or cedar strip plank composite construction, using the W.E.S.T. system (wood epoxy saturation technique). Our designs are intended mainly as cruising boats, although several have done well in racing.

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